Barbara Doran-Rogel

Sharon Brownlie is such a hard-working and accommodating cover designer. I recently worked with her on creating a book cover for Red Hat, Green Boots by Barbara E Doran. It proved to be a difficult project as I wanted to use my own artwork which made it difficult finding the right colour font. Nevertheless, Sharon didn’t give up. She also formatted my non-fiction book and my novel for Kindle and for Create Space. She’s just like that person that keeps on giving. Not only is she a talented writer, she possesses the skills I’m lacking and goes where I do not dare to go for fear of encountering strange lands or falling into an abyss and losing everything. What impressed me most is her speed and her incredible patience. She will keep working on your project, even if you feel like giving up. Barbara Doran-Rogel


Robin Morton


I’d just like to thank Sharon Brownlie for the excellent job she did on my latest Ridge Walker thriller, THE PIPER’S PROMISE. It was refreshing to work with someone who understands the process from start to finish and whose customer service is 100% focussed on complete satisfaction. Will be working with you again, Sharon!


Rod Baker


I’m just publishing my third book, in four years —maybe a slow writer and definitely a slow learner which meant as an Indie author, paying good money for very mediocre results. However, I finally got lucky with Sharon Brownlie. She patiently worked with me till my cover reached, then, exceeded my expectations.

With formatting she had the best price in town, was fast and accurate. Sharon was really helpful, responded quickly and was super easy to work with. I got great results for a very fair price. I think being an author herself, helped her understand where I was coming from. Thank you Sharon! Wish I’d found you four years ago.


Brenda Mohammed

Brenda 46I wish I had met Sharon Brownlie when I started writing four years ago. I have written sixteen books but only found Sharon for the last three. Those three book covers are the best of all sixteen. Other authors praise me for them and I always say, ‘They were made by Sharon Brownlie’.
 She understands what I want for my book covers.
She works with me to get my designs exactly the way I want them and in a short space of time at a very low cost.
If I am having trouble uploading the paperback format she does it for me.
She even puts on award buttons on my covers.
I can ask her for help at any time and she willingly assists.
I cannot thank you enough Sharon for all your help.
Brenda Mohammed

John M W Smith

selftwitter1I have a slightly different story to tell. Every writer likes to think they have imagination in abundance, and I am no exception. But try as hard as I might, I could not come up with, in my mind’s eye, a suitable cover for a book on which I had worked extremely hard. It was called A Layman’s Guide to the Meaning of Life and Death, and I only mention this publication of mine to illustrate the problem I was facing in dreaming up a cover for a book with such a title.

I just could not think what sort of images would be suitable. How they should look. So I made do with a very simple cover. And then one day, completely out of the blue, I was granted a most fortunate stroke of serendipity; I saw, in my facebook timeline, exactly what I had been looking for, and it was a cover dreamt up by Sharon Brownlie.

I knew I had to have it for my book. It was every bit as I had wanted it to be even though my own creativity had failed to give it substance! For a moment I thought she must be psychic to know what I had wanted. She worked patiently with me to get it perfect, always going that extra mile, until it was finally done. Finished. A superb piece of work. Needless to say, I was exhausted, but Sharon wasn’t. She even uploaded the new cover to CreateSpace, which I have always found such a tiring procedure. What more could I have asked for? Nothing! As I said to her later, she only had to have asked, and I would happily have paid twice what she had quoted. I would heartily recommend her to anyone who wants to work with a true professional.


Cathy Donnelly

I cannot say enough about Sharon Brownlie’s professionalism and helpfulness. I was Cathy M Donnelly 2016 (6).jpgonly about a third way through the novel but I was struggling with ideas for the cover. I gave Sharon an outline of the story and she immediately came up with a great idea. She spent the time to source an image of one of the locations in the part of the story set in the 14th century and adjusted it to include the present day aspect.

I am absolutely delighted with the finished product. She provided it to me straight away so I could promote it on my website and social media and has offered to make any further changes I may want before it goes for publication. Just having the cover completed has inspired me to get on with finishing the novel. I wish I had known her for my previous novels. Sharon’s attitude is something to be treasured in this day and age and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a great cover and great service. I will be using her for all future novels.


Robert K. Swisher Jr.

IMG_010814 of my novels have been published by traditional presses where I had no input on the covers. I have now indied 9 novels and not until working with Sharon was the process of working with a cover illustrator easy. Sharon was timely, listened to my ideas concerning the cover, and produced several versions at a time for me to consider.

Sharon’s prices are also well within the price range  of the normal almost broke indie author. I presently have three novels being edited and will use Sharon for each cover. I should add Sharon creates custom covers for me. She will also convert text for Createspace.

swisherbooks.com      Robert K. Swisher Jr. on facebook

Maria McMahon

17858107_522823351439570_958749562_nI’ve had multiple nightmares with trying to get my books formatted, and these by so-called ‘professionals’ in the field. I even had to request a refund over $100 from one such who sent me a ‘formatted’ document that was completely wrong. I tried it myself and this gave me an even bigger nightmare as I don’t have the patience for this kind of work. What a joy it was then to come across Sharon Brownlie, who not only did the job double-quick, and super-affordably, but she even picked up a few errors that previous editors missed. I will be using her for all my future book formatting! Sharon also did some cover design samples for me, and though I eventually went with different ones, she definitely has an eye for design too. Sharon is lovely to work with, extremely professional and she always responds to any requests really quickly. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Maria McMahon


Bryan Nowak

dustcover_fixedThe old adage about not judging a book by its cover doesn’t work when your reader only has moments to decide if your book is the one they are taking home or not. Sometimes the only thing you can really rely on is a good eye-catching book cover. As the author of three novels, with a fourth one on the way, I can tell you that writing is hard, but for me it’s still easier than graphic design.

I am so glad I found Sharon Brownlie. She took my vision and made it a reality. I have used her twice now and each result has overwhelmed me. Open to your own needs and tastes, she is fantastic at listening to what the customer wants. I can highly recommend her. You may write the greatest novel in the history of the world, but without a standout cover, it might never see the light of day. Sharon is a critical part of my writing team.


Lynne Fellows

I used Sharon’s cover services for the first time a few months ago. We’ve known each other a while from other writing groups and, fortunately, she was familiar with the premise of my book. (That itself was a huge weight off my mind)
I can’t fault her communication skills and advice. Not to mention the speed in which she came up with numerous ideas and visuals for me to consider. She was extremely patient with my fussy requirements and was gracious enough to offer unlimited revisions and guidance when the time comes to finally upload to a printing service and publish.
All this and the best price available too. The service she provides far exceeds the cost and I have no qualms in recommending her to other writers.

LS Fellows – https://just4mybooks.wordpress.com/

Lorraine Cannell

I didn’t know what to expect on finding a cover designer, and my first cover. I’d tried attempting a cover design by myself, and I’m sure it wouldn’t be that complicated but there’s nothing like asking someone to do it who knows what they’re doing off the bat. I commissioned Sharon to do two covers for me, and she really did exceed my expectations. She puts so much time and effort into it, and bouncing off different ideas, and images – it really was a collaborative process. And she didn’t give up until I was absolutely 100% happy, even if I went back to her a few weeks after having spotted something. To me that’s the sign of someone who cares.
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