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26733895_10155314786741235_1712152172612518471_nHi, I’m Sharon Brownlie and a warm welcome to my site!

So, you’ve done the hard work of writing, now need to attract attention with a cool cover?  You have reached the right place, here’s what I offer.


ebook – £40.00 GBP- $60.00 USD
paperback – £55.00 GBP – $80.00 USD
package deal for both £80.00 GBP- $120.00USD

Please note all payments to be made in GBP

Pre-made eBook Covers

Priced at £40.00GBP / $60.00USD

  • Paperback cover

    Priced at £55.00 GBP/ $80.00USD


  • Bargain! BOTH eBook & paperback £80.00GBP/$120.00USD

  • eBook Package consists of:

    eBook cover for Amazon

  • Full paperback cover

    Printable copies

  • Fonts embedded

  • PDF  & jpg’s

    Plus Mock Books for advertising  AND

      Free advertising on my website – HERE



I will work closely with you, discuss your blurb and find out what you imagine your cover to be like. I am approachable and easy to work with! Most importantly I will listen to you, and together we will create the perfect cover for your title.

Prices of customized covers will vary and the starting price is $100.00. However, the price can be discussed – please be assured that I will keep my prices as low as possible.

ADD formatting to your eBook package

and I will reduce the cost of formatting by 10%!

So, in a nutshell this is what you get from me.presentation2


No PayPal account? No Problem, you can pay as a guest, or talk to me and we can make arrangements!

Contact me!

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