William Miller Author Services

Proofreading / Ghostwriting Options

Three tiers: Premium, Option 2, and Option 3
Customers can elect to pay for a single chapter of proofreading (up to 10K words) for $15 USD PayPal pre-paid, so that they can decide if they wish to hire me for the entire manuscript.
$350 pre-paid (plus $1 USD extra for every full or partial 1K words over 100,000 in the manuscript). You get line editing, side comments on factual/logical problems, anachronisms, repeated mistakes of various types found in your writing, and reordering/rewriting of sentences and paragraphs as needed. All done with Tracked Changes so you can Accept/Reject per change or all at once. Turnaround time: 5 business days (+1 business day for every 10K words above 100,000). In the Premium package, Saturdays (but not Sundays) count as a business day.
Option 2:

Same thorough services as premium, but at 2,000 words per business day, for $89.95.

Option 3:
Same thorough services as Premium, but at 5,000 words per business day, for $189.95.
Option 4:
Online collaboration uses either Google Docs, EtherPad, or Dropbox Paper (customer’s choice) to allow the author and William Miller Services to engage in real-time collaboration on your manuscript.
Each session occurs on a date and at a time agreed to by the parties and lasts for one hour. These sessions are $25.00 USD and must be pre-paid via PayPal.
You’re welcome to use the above pricing guidelines to estimate your cost, but to get a definite price, send your manuscript to William Miller Services: kyrathasoft@gmail.com.
The manuscript submitted to William Miller Services must be in the current .docx Microsoft Word document format.
Once William Miller Services has quoted the cost and turnaround time for a proofreading job, the customer must pre-pay via PayPal before work will commence. The customer will receive a PayPal invoice via email and will use the link in that invoice to submit payment. If you do not have a PayPal account, creating one and linking your bank account or another funding source is a prerequisite to making payment.
“Turnaround Time” is the time it takes William Miller Services to complete a proofreading job and submit the Tracked Changes document to the customer once payment is received and work begins. If you choose the Premium package (base cost $350 USD), you will receive your Track Changes document within 5 business days (Saturday counting as a business day) if your document up 100,000 words or less. If your payment via PayPal is received prior to 12:00 noon Central Standard Time, then the date of payment arrival counts as one of these business days. Otherwise, the very next business day will count as the first day of proofreading. Please note that if opting for Option-2 or Option-3 proofreading plan, Saturdays are not proofreading days. William Miller Services doesn’t do any Sunday proofreading regardless of the proofreading plan selected.
Bob submits a manuscript for a 75,000-word novel. He opts for the Premium plan and sends payment via PayPal upon receiving an emailed invoice. The payment arrives at 10:45 am CST on a Monday. William Miller Services emails Bob to confirm payment receipt and notifies him that he will receive the completed manuscript before the day ends on the following Friday.
Jane submits a manuscript for a 45,000-word novella. She opts for Option-3. William Miller Services receives her $189.95 payment at 9:30 am CST on December 1, 2019, a Sunday. Proofreading will begin Monday 12/2/2019 and will take place on weekdays only at 5,000 words proofed daily. Her completed manuscript will be emailed to her by the end of day (11:59 pm CST) on Thursday 12/12/2019.
If a customer is also a member of the “Apps, Proofreading, Websites” Facebook group, s/he will also be notified there when the completed work has been emailed.
Customers are welcome to contact William Miller Services with any questions they have as they go through their Tracked Changes document.
$99.95 per 10K words, pre-paid, with time between installments and work sessions for you to review, comment, and ask for changes. Stop at any time: you are NOT locked into 60K words, 80K, etc.
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