Formatting for Amazon & paperback

Proofreading available at an affordable price – speak to me!

ebook –  £25.00GBP –  $30.00USD

paperback – £45.00GBP – $55.00USD

package deal for both  £55.00GBP – $70.00USD

Please note all payments to be made in GBP

eBook conversion – £25.00GBP/$30.00USD*

Amazon  are particular on their formatting and have their own specifications. 

Guaranteed :

  • Converted word.doc and a high quality formatted kindle file for Amazon KDP WITH clickable

  • hyperlinks and Table of Contents.

  • Converted word.doc in mobi and ePub

  • Delivered to you within 24 hours

* some files may not  convert to ePub or mobi

Word Doc conversion for print – £45.00GBP/$55.00USD*

Like Amazon, most print on demand platforms (POD)are particular but they offer many different trim sizes making deciding and uploading a well formatted file difficult. Let me help you.

I will :

  • work closely with you and help you decide how you want your book to look

  • formatted margins

  • page numbers

  • table of contents

  • named headers for your author name and title.

  • A PDF file formatted to a high standard.

  • It will be accepted first time.

Need both eBook and print?

Only £55.00!GBP/$70.00USD*


*Should formatting involve images/tables/graphs the cost will be increased.

Here are a couple of samples – have your own ideas? Let’s do it!


Sample 1


Sample 2